Environment Protection

We have set high ecological standards in our total business activities so that the environment protection has been one of the basic principles in the Policy of Quality and Environment.

Through introducing the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 as well as through incorporating it into the Quality Management System ISO 9001, we have adopted the rules stricter than those required by the law. Our experts from the Industrial Ecology Department take care of the environment preservation.

Quality and Environment Management System is conducted through our whole organisational structure, from the Board members to each employee. We even hand over our knowledge about environmental requirements to our business partners.

Continuous measuring of the emissions into the air, separation of the waste which we deliver for processing to authorised companies, control of the quality of wastewaters which are analyzed in authorized laboratories are just some of the measures we implement in order to protect the environment.

We take care of efficient use of energy generating products as well as of the use of natural resources. When we invest into the building of the new production plants or when we upgrade the existing ones we always choose the best available technology designed according to the highest demands for the environment protection and preservation.

Lime as our basic product has, due to its chemical properties, multiple application and very important role in the environment protection. Lime is an indispensable material for the treatment of waste- and drinking water. It is used in agriculture to calcify soil in order to reduce its pH value (the needed quantity of chemical fertilizers is reduced). Lime is also used to reduce the acidity in drinking water. In the road building lime is used to stabilize the soil (it shortens the construction time and thus indirectly preserves the environment). In chemical industry lime washes the acidic gases (sulphates and nitrates) in the so called scrubbers.