Quality policy

Our business success has been based on the contentment of our customers achieved through deliveries of high quality products and services. All our activities, our products and services have been organized in accordance with the environmental protection law so that we constantly reduce negative effects on the nature.

Satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties: owners, employees, suppliers and the community where we operate has been achieved through the implementation of the System of Quality Management.

All our employees are obliged, in accordance with their responsibilities, to work to achieve the tasks of the company, to fulfil the requirements of the law and of the System of Quality described in the Regulation of Conduct of the Quality.

System of Quality and Environment Management has been based upon the ISO 9001 Norm principles and has been maintained according to them:

  • Management of the company has the leading role in developing system of the quality and environment management
  • Responsibilities and authorisations are strictly determined for all employees
  • The company encourages and conducts constant education in order to achieve and maintain the level of necessary proficiency
  • The company implements constant monitoring, analysing and improvement of all processes
  • We constantly promote environment protection and prevention of pollution
  • Policy of quality has been presented to all employees and interested parties and is also available to the general public.