Stone materials

Stone materials

Stone materials are natural products of different chemical components (dolomite, calcite) and different granulation (in accordance with customer’s needs and norm requirements) which are mostly used in construction industry. By granulometry standards stone materials are divided into two groups – aggregates and crushed stone.


Crushed stone

Crushed stone is stone material made of dolime or calcium lime which has the granulation of more than 31,5mm. It is used in civil engineering for stowing and surfacing, maintaining of rail infrastructure, as drainage, for canal stowing and similar construction works as well as in industry. We produce it using our own dolomite and calcium lime deposits in Sirač.


Outstanding mechanical and chemical properties.

Products assortment

DOLIME 0/30 mm Kamen Sirač d.d.
0/60 mm 1. klase i 2. klase Kamen Sirač d.d.
30/60 mm Kamen Sirač d.d.
60/120 mm Kamen Sirač d.d.

On our customer’s request it is possible to produce crushed stone materials in other granule sizes.


  • for the production of lower bearing tampon layers which are mechanically and chemically stabilized
  • for the production of hanging prisms for railway tracks
  • for production and maintenance of roads
  • for the production of tampons of lower and upper layer of bearing embankment when building all types of roads


  • bulk


Kamen Sirač d.d. (Sirač – Čelina, Gusti rastik)