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140 Years of Continuous Work

The company Kamen Sirač, which has always kept the keyword "kamen" in its name through all social and economic changes, has existed and has been operating continuously for more than 140 years.


The exploitation of stone in this area has been done since ancient times. Organized production lasts from 1878 to the present day.

Significant investments were made in the 1960s. Crushers, compressors, drills and other equipment were procured with the intention of increasing production, employing more workers and ensuring a higher standard.

Kamen Sirač suffered great damage during the Homeland War, followed by years in which efforts were made to maintain business and realize the planned development plans.

In the period between the First and Second World Wars, the exploitation of stone already occupied a significant place in the economic activity of the Sirač area, and after the Second World War, the production was even more intensive.

In 1981, a calx factory with a capacity of 100,000 tons of quicklime was put into operation, which at that time was one of the largest investments in the Daruvar municipality.

Osnovni Podaci o Tvrtki

KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. za proizvodnju i promet građevnim materijalom

OIB: 02334326920

Mjerodavni sud

Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
Registarski uložak s matičnim brojem (MBS) 010001026

Temeljni kapital

28.371.200,00 kn - uplaćen u cijelosti
Ukupan broj izdanih dionica: 70.928

Poslovna banka

Sberbank d.d.
IBAN: HR1125030071100065760

Osobe ovlaštene za zastupanje

Elvis Vukšić: direktor
Silvija Kufner Hopp: prokurist

Nadzorni odbor

Krunoslav Molnar: predsjednik nadzornog odbora
Harald Braunecker: zamjenik predsjednika
Slaven Kufner: član nadzornog odbora

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