Privacy Policy

These privacy policies explain how KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. collects, uses and manages your personal data located on the website and which is available using the website Read these policies to understand why and how we collect your personal information and how it will be used. KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. is the controller, ie the one who determines the needs for which personal data are collected and processed. 

If you wish to contact us regarding these rules or regarding your personal data, please send an inquiry to the following email address.


How we collect your personal information

KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. collects and uses personal data in order to enable users to use the website, improve the work of the website The data collected is related to the electronic identity (IP address) and the data entered on the contact form (Name, e-mail address).

Insight into the personal data of users can have, in the execution of their scope of work: internal departments such as accounting, sales and IT department, note, all personal data collected on this website are used exclusively by the processing manager (KAMEN SIRAČ dd) and are not shared with third parties.

Your privacy rights

KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. respects that each user should be able to ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of their personal information. If the user considers that his personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or not updated, he can contact KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. at

At any time you have the right to request that you be allowed to:
    1. Access to your personal information
    2. A copy of the personal information we hold
    3. Correction of incorrect data
    4. Deletion of personal data
    5. Restrict access to your data
    6. Complain about the way we use your information
    7. Data transfer to another processor

Where your personal information is stored

Osobne podatke koje prikupljamo o vama čuvamo u sigurnom okruženju. Vaši podaci su zaštićeni od neovlaštenog pristupa, otkrivanja, uporabe, izmjena ili uništenja. Obrađeni podaci pohranjuju se u našim IT sustavima. KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. osigurava da se osobni podaci korisnika čuvaju na sigurnom mjestu (koje podrazumijeva administrativnu, tehničku i fizičku zaštitu kako bi se onemogućilo neovlašteno korištenje, pristup, razotkrivanje, kopiranje ili izmjena osobnih podataka), te im mogu pristupiti samo ovlaštene osobe voditelja obrade (KAMEN SIRAČ d.d.).

The data collected for the purposes specified in these Rules shall be stored only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the stated purposes. Your data will not be stored in a form that allows you to be identified longer than KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. reasonably considers it necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or processed. KAMEN SIRAČ d.d. will keep certain personal data for a period of time prescribed by law or a regulation that obliges the controller to keep the data.

If you have given us consent, we will process your personal data until the consent is withdrawn. If you make a well-founded objection to the processing of personal data based on a legitimate interest, we will not process your personal data in the future. If judicial, administrative or extrajudicial proceedings have been initiated, personal data may be stored until the end of such proceedings.